About Simple Brewing Company 


Let’s change the way we do business as usual. Let’s use the tools of capitalism and consumerism towards positive impact with thoughtful intentional choices. A consumer needs and wants to be a conscious consumer. To be able to use the way we spend money for positive social impact, we need more options – more purpose-driven businesses across all industries. Simple brewing company is the conscious consumer company for the beer industry. We support the conscious consumer by crafting a simple, quality beer product that is made and sold using environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices. We divert our resources, normally reserved for maximizing shareholder value, towards public benefit. We create impact on all levels to create a holistic solution and sustainable change.



Simple brewing company envisions a world where every day activities drive social change and where social impact is ingrained in every aspect of a business. Through running a sustainable socially responsible brewery, supporting social good with our profits, and providing a space for the community, Simple shows how many ways a business can give back.




Our Progress:


We are currently in stage 1 - we are raising funds, expanding our capacities, and getting our feet on the ground.


Stage 1 - Go to Market Strategy

  • Increase production to a commercial level at a location in Brooklyn to be able to sell at events and to select partner bars

  • Keep mission in tact even on a small scale by creating environmentally sustainable brewing practices; working with local partners; and finding ways to use revenue to not only cover costs but fund community projects. Giving back is built into our financial model at all levels.


Stage 2 - Growth to a Brewpub Location in Gowanus Brooklyn

  • Once we have proven sales and steady revenue (and buzz!), we will raise funds to buy or lease a space in Gowanus Brooklyn that will become the brewpub

  • Mission fully realized in new space:

    • Support an emerging socially-conscious consumer by:

      • Providing a quality beer product

      • Donating or using all net profits towards social good initiatives

      • Creating a social and environmental mission-driven community company

    • Generate more resources towards social good by:

      • Giving our partner non-profits a consistent and dependable source of funding

      • Supporting our local community through local partnerships

      • Creating a physical space for social and community activity

    • Create sustainable social and environmental mission-driven business practices by:

      • Generating equitable economic development through financially sustainable revenue, job creation, and human-centered operations and policies

      • Building an environmentally sustainable facility

      • Having a preference for local, women and minority-owned suppliers and partners that share our values.