Our Flagships:


Zen Mower: American Pale/Session Ale

  • 3 malts: American 2 Row, Bohemian Pils, Cara Red
  • 3 hops: Cascade, Centennial, Sorachi Ace
  • American Ale Yeast

Once dubbed lawn mower this was a delicious pale that could be enjoyed after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day. Two granddaddy’s of American hops, Cascade and Centennial, give it a classic west coast feel. The addition of the Sorachi Ace hop transformed this beer into Zen Mower. Using the Sorachi as a flavor and aroma hop in this brew you get that classic taste with slight hints of lemongrass and citrusy notes that are just present enough to make you want to keep drinking and conversing.



Dark Crystal: American Dark Lager

  • 4 malts: Marris Otter, Crystal 80L, Chocolate, Black Patten
  • 2 hops: Galena, Crystal
  • Muich Lager Yeast

A healthy dose of Galena hops provide a welcome bitterness that gives way to roasty caramel and chocolate notes. The Crystal hops give it a floral finish that hints at fruity. The munich yeast gives this beer an old world finish that’s crisp but full bodied.




Other styles we are currently developing include Liz (IPA), Ghost (Rice IPA), Lulu (American Blonde), Nora (Imperial Pilsner), and Real Dad (Light American Lager).

 Our Beer



Simple Beer, Every Palate



Simple is a passion for hand crafted all natural beers that respect the core ingredients while not being afraid to venture out. We make our beers to be enjoyed in abundance and believe in complexity through subtlety. Whether it’s many pale ales during a ball game or a dark lager with a good steak, we enjoy brewing a wide range of styles.



When we started brewing we set out to make beers for us: lighter in gravity but still full flavored with nuance that is extremely rewarding but not over powering. We realized our beers could appease the discerning connoisseur and the average drinker alike. Given our social endeavors it’s the prefect spot for us - we are here for the consumer who wants to do just that: consume.