Our Story





We are Emily, JP and Jason, founders of Simple Brewing Company.


Emily wanted to be a part of social change since around age 12. After years of discovering what she’s good at [being an arranger: figuring out how all of the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity] and bunch of education [a BA in Stage Managing the World and an MPA in Nonprofit Management from NYU], Emily stumbled upon the concept of social entrepreneurship and b-corps – the ability to use business as a force for good. She now works for Susty Party, social enterprise that makes responsibly made party supplies, where she’s tackling the challenges of a growing start-up everyday.


Emily met JP at NYU; they fell in love over craft beer, Dogfishhead’s 60 Minute IPA to be exact. Their first vacation together was to the Dogfishhead brewery in Delaware and they have visited a new brewery on every vacation ever since – cultivating their craft beer knowledge and expertise.


JP’s passion for beer started well before he met Emily. As a Phish Head & later a touring musician, he travelled the states extensively, never missing the opportunity to check out the local breweries, brewpubs, and festivals. While he’s dabbled in brewing since the late 90s, JP refined his brewing prowess in 2008 when he started brewing out of Emily and JP’s Brooklyn apartment. To expand upon his practical knowledge, he completed brewing courses at UC Davis.


The more we brewed and shared our beer with more and more people, we realized, “hey, we’re pretty good at this” – and the dream of combining Emily’s vision for social change and JP’s brewing talents emerged. We wanted to create a purpose-driven brewery and eventual brewpub to serve the Brooklyn community – namely Gowanus and surrounding areas – that not only provided a delicious craft beer choice, but also used profits to create public good.


We met our best friend, Jason, at NYU (where else?). Jason cultivated his knowledge and passion for beer in college by keeping a beer journal as he traveled. When he found out what we wanted to do, he jumped on board to learn how to brew beer, develop recipes, and pitch in any way he could. Jason became the innovation, energy and youth we needed to turn our “hey, wouldn’t this be great” idea into a reality.


With pressure from Jason to take things out of our Brooklyn apartment, Emily decided to take Impact Hub NYC’s Kick Business Incubator Program for a little guidance. At the same time JP and Jason came up with a commercial production plan. Now we're in the process of raising funds and enacting that plan.