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Simple Brewing Company

est. 2015



Simple Brewing Company is a nano brewery-in-planning social enterprise currently in Brooklyn, NY fixated on wonderful beers and giving back to our community.

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In April 2023 we brewed collaboration beers with Endless Life Brewing. The beers were released in May 2023 at the Endless Life taproom in Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY.

Endlessly Simple, an American Wheat beer fermented with a clean American ale yeast; a refreshing spring time beer with a slightly spicy finish

Simply Endless, the counterpart, the same American Wheat beer fermented instead with Endless Life’s house mixed culture yeast strain giving it a funky tart finish


We enjoyed these beers side by side


In September 2021 we brewed a collaboration beer, with Circa Brewing Company. The beer was sold in their downtown Brooklyn taproom throughout the month of October. Harvest Moon, a 6.8% rye pale ale, was the change of seasons in a glass. Each glass lead with the spicy aroma of rye malt and juicy fruit aromas of a blend of American and New Zealand hops. The malted rye flavor continued to shine through along with watermelon, navel orange, white grape and pink peppercorn in the brilliant golden hue of this brew. Medium bodied and surprisingly crushable for the higher end ABV, this beer went great at the end of a long work day or the beginning of a late night. Thank you to The Greats of Craft,  Peculier Pub, and Someday Bar, who enabled us to share Harvest Moon on tap with a few other corners of NYC.

PBS Lager of the Ladies

In 2020 we released a collaboration beer with Randolph Beer and NYC women in beer. Lager of the Ladies was a crisp 4.7% light American lager with a floral nose created by the Pink Boots Hop Blend. Check out our pictures from the Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY on International Women's Day, March 8, 2020. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer  went to the Pink Boots Society.

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Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew Day


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